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Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee

Project Leaders: Jan Teinert, Joani Range-Douglas


Project Description: The Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee Project is to document all early settlers of Washington County, Tennessee from 1768 to 1799, and publish a three volume set of books about these settlers. The Early Setters of Washington County, Tennessee Certificate Program accepts applications from descendants of early settlers of Washington County, Tennessee from 1768 to 1840. These certificates are to be issued with the terms of the instructions on the application and preserve all documentation in a section of the Vertical Files held in the Washington County- Jonesborough Library.



Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee: (pre) 1768- 1777

⇒⇒STATS: 581 settlers articles, 109 more settlers listed in the table we have none to little information on, 16 Cherokee articles, plus an Intro, History and Archaeology of Cherokee (2 articles) (Nathan Shreve),  History of Longhunters (Chad Fred Bailey), History of Military Law and Order (Billie McNamara), and Conclusion. A total of 17 paintings by Vivian Mietron and 1 painting by Brad Bailey. A total of 9 pages full of history filled sponsorship pages  (and more to go!) FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF 602 ARTICLES WITHIN A FULL COLOR BOOK. This is one of a kind. Buy the Early Settlers of  Washington County, Tennessee: (pre) 1768-1777 TODAY! 

Cover of the Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee: (pre) 1768-1777 by Vivian Eileen Meitron.

Cover of the Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee: (pre) 1768-1777 by Vivian Eileen Meitron.

   Order Forms

    Settlers List

   Certificate Program

  1. Sharon Peterson permalink

    Where do I send the order form and check for the pre-sale book?

    • chadfredb permalink

      Make Check payable to Jonesborough Genealogical Society

      Mail payment and order form to Jonesborough Genealogical Society, 200 Sabin Drive, Jonesborough, TN 37659

      Also remember to keep your receipt at the bottom of the form for your records.

  2. Barbara McLin permalink

    My 4th Great Grandfather, Alexander McLin/Maclin settled in the Watauga area in the 1790,s along with his wife Ann Laird Blair and her father, Lt John Blair, his wife Martha Laird Blair, and their son, John Blair ll. They first settled next to Alexander McLin’s cousin, Elizabeth McLin and her husband Landon Carter. They later moved to the Leesburg area, helped found Leesburg and settled next to the Big Limestone Creek. John Sevier came at the same time and even signed Alexander’s will. They are both buried in Salem Cemetery at Washington College in unmarked graves. Shelia McLin Endres wrote a book about the McLins in Washington County, and contributed 2 books to the Jonesbourgh Library. There is much history about your area in this book. It is titled, “McLin Memories”. Would love to hear back from you.

    • chadfredb permalink

      Yes, but John Sevier settled in the Holston Settlement in 1773. This book only goes to 1777 and the next vol. will be 1778- 1787, third vol. 1788- 1799.I would encourage you to submit articles for the third book as well as fill out the forms and provide documentation for the Early Settlers Certificate.

  3. Sharon Peterson permalink


  4. Barbara McLin permalink

    will do. Thanks

  5. Joe Chastain permalink

    Any info about sinking creek Baptist church and the founders of the oldest church in TN? My ancestors did a revival there that helped start the church

  6. Angie Henley permalink

    I don’t see John & Catherine Henley on the settlers list, but I know that he purchased 300 ac. from John Sevier on the Nolichucky River and settled there. He named a son (my GG Grandfather) John Sevier Henley. JSH became a Methodist Episcopal minister and moved to Franklin, NC and then into GA. After the Civil War he moved to Miss. where he is buried. John & Catherine had a large family of which many are buried around the Washington County area. On a visit to the area last year I was able to locate the approximate location of their property. I hope to return in the near future and hopefully locate probate records, etc. I’ve been unable to determine John’s lineage or where in VA he originated from. I’ve not been able to find Catherine’s maiden name, either.

    • chadfredb permalink

      Its because he came after 1777. John Sevier didn’t leave on the Nolichucky until the 1780s.

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