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Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee

Work has begun on Vol. 2: 1778-1787. If you know of a settler in this time period please email us at

Project Leader: Jan Teinert

Project Description: The Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee Project is to document all early settlers of Washington County, Tennessee from 1768 to 1799 and publish a three volume set of books about these settlers. The Early Setters of Washington County, Tennessee Certificate Program accepts applications from descendants of early settlers of Washington County, Tennessee from 1768 to 1840. These certificates are to be issued with the terms of the instructions on the application and preserve all documentation in a section of the Vertical Files held in the Washington County- Jonesborough Library.


Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee: (pre) 1768- 1777

⇒⇒STATS: 581 settlers articles, 109 more settlers listed in the table we have none to little information on, 16 Cherokee articles, plus an Intro, History and Archaeology of Cherokee (2 articles) (Nathan Shreve),  History of Longhunters (Chad Fred Bailey), History of Military Law and Order (Billie McNamara), and Conclusion. A total of 17 paintings by Vivian Mietron and 1 painting by Brad Bailey. A total of 9 pages full of history filled sponsorship pages  (and more to go!) FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF 602 ARTICLES WITHIN A FULL COLOR BOOK. This is one of a kind. Buy the Early Settlers of  Washington County, Tennessee: (pre) 1768-1777 TODAY! 

Cover of the Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee: (pre) 1768-1777 by Vivian Eileen Meitron.

Cover of the Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee: (pre) 1768-1777 by Vivian Eileen Meitron.

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East Tennessee Historical Society

2015 Award of Distinction


Washington County Historical Association

Award of Merit 2015

  1. Margaret Benshoof-Holler permalink

    Reasoner surname is not in surname list. I wonder if it will be included in “Early Settlers”?

    • chadfredb permalink

      Margaret, the Surname list is continually updated. It has not been updated in awhile due to other projects and tasks that have taken precedents. It will be updated as soon as possible. The settlers that are in the first book are listed on the website. It can be bought, it has already been published. The second volume has not been started yet.

  2. pboren permalink

    I don’t see the Boring/Boren family listed. Yet there’s an article about this family written in 1990 by the JGS. It’s even shared here under “Digging for your roots.”

    • chadfredb permalink

      The Borings were not here in 1777!

      • Diane Carriger-Ellis permalink

        Which books would have the Von Kaercher; Kercher; Carriger and Anspauch/

      • chadfredb permalink

        What year did they arrive in TN?

  3. Roberta Tuller permalink

    Hello, I just found your site. I’m studying a group of interrelated families in Washington and Sullivan Counties. Here is a link to my site. Families.html

  4. flo crawford permalink

    I am wondering if the HENRY LYLE family is included? Our early info lists births in Johnson City and Washington Co. TN. I am searching for info on them.

    • chadfredb permalink

      What is the earliest year you have them here? Our book ends in 1777.

      • BMcLin permalink

        Would like to know how you are connected to the Lyles. There is a Lyle cemetery near me in Hoschton Ga and are planning a clean up on Memorial Day weekend.

      • chadfredb permalink

        I am not connected to the Lyles. I helped with the book and edited it. So I think the timeline of the book and it ends in 1777. There are a couple Lyle Cemeteries if my memory serves.

      • Barbara McLin permalink

        Do you know where they are and how I could find them?

      • chadfredb permalink

        On the page. The Cemetery Survey Team, which I am a member, have all of our surveys posted. Each survey has the GPS and location info on it. I was going to send you the direct links for Lyle Cemetery, but can’t get TNGENWEB to come up this morning.

  5. robert teague permalink

    I have two bios to submit. How is the best way to do that?

  6. mike mills permalink

    i am looking for information about my great great grandmother Margaret Higgins who was the mother of my great grandmother Rachel Higgins who married john ” broke leg ” Edwards of yancey county nc

  7. mike mills permalink

    i was mistaken in my earlier email. John Edwards married Margaret Higgins , Rachel was their daughter . Margaret’s father was William Holland Higgins of Washington county .

  8. mike mills permalink

    I am trying to find a connection with my great grandmothers side of my family, Rachel Higgins Edwards and her Cherokee roots who according to my mother was a full blood Cherokee but I have been unable to find any connection . I was hoping to find more information about her father and mother . Any information would be greatly appreciated .

  9. Rita Kosterman permalink

    I believe my gggggrandfather John Jacob Baugher may have been in the area during the 1788-1809.
    Nancy Marquette has done much research on him shared this, “Thomas Lincoln married Nancy Hanks in Washington Co, KY. Which is also places where you find Baughers.”
    Thanks for your work!

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