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Early Settler of Washington County, Tennessee Certificates

Washington County in northeast Tennessee was established in 1777 as part of North Carolina. This vast area was designated as the Washington District.  During the early years settlers arrived and politics changed, so did the size and name of the district. It became known by various names including the State of Franklin, the Southwest Territory and in 1796 as part of the new state called Tennessee.  Jonesborough was established as the county seat and the area flourished.

To celebrate and honor those who came to the area prior to 1840 the Jonesborough Genealogical Society is proud to offer a commemorative certificate to eligible persons.

To Apply click  here to download the application and eligibility: Jonesborough Genealogy Society Early Settler

Get one of these, SOON!


  1. carolyn buck permalink


    • chadfredb permalink

      The book was just started. We are only in the preliminary phase. We are collecting info for the book .

  2. Doug permalink

    I would like to see a copy of a commemorative certificate

  3. chadfredb permalink

    Doug, I hadn’t thought about that, but I’ll add one right now!

  4. Sue Dorman permalink

    I would like to apply for the Early Settler Certificates as a surprise for my son and his uncle. Can I submit the applications without the signature of the person whose name I want to appear on the certificate.

  5. Bryan Morelock permalink

    I am told all of my ancestors were in Fall Branch Tennessee…are there any records of the Morelock family showing up?

  6. Your article is so good to read. Excellent!!
    Thank you for sharing, I will post it on my Twitter to share to my families?

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