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Jonesborough Genealogical Society: Projects

If you would like to work on any of these projects, please contact Maggie Rowe, 1st Vice President/ Project Coordinator.

1. Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee

Project Leader: Jan Teinert

Description: The Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee Project is to document all early settlers of Washington County, Tennessee from 1768 to 1799, and publish a three volume set of books about these settlers. The Early Setters of Washington County, Tennessee Certificate Program accepts applications from descendants of early settlers of Washington County, Tennessee from 1768 to 1840. These certificates are to be issued with the terms of the instructions on the application and preserve all documentation in a section of the Vertical Files held in the Washington County- Jonesborough Library. 

2. Indexing- Surname Project

Project Leader: Gilbert Rosenberger, Jr.

Description: The Indexing- Surname Project is designed to create a searchable database or index of all surnames and names listed in the books and vertical files of the Washington County-Jonesborough Library Historical/ Genealogical Section.

3. Vertical Files

Project Leader: Gene Hurdt

Description: The Vertical Files Project is designed to preserve and protect the loose documents, pictures, newspapers, papers, and loose items donated to the Washington County-Jonesborough Library. This project is divided into vertical files, microfilm, maps, genealogical journals and the books. Preservation must follow archival techniques and materials.

4. Website and Social Media

Project Leader: Chad Bailey

Description: The website and social media project is designed to promote the Jonesborough Genealogical Society and its affiliates on the World Wide Web and promote events and inform members of events, projects, and promotions. This project is to follow the Website and Social Media Policy set forth by the Board of Directors.

5. Oral History Project

Project Leader: Maggie Rowe

Description: The Oral History project is designed to add another means of preserving history and stories of our families and communities for future researchers. It will be a supplement to the Vertical Files at the Washington County-Jonesborough Library and available through our website.

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