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November 14, 1990


By: : Barbara Filbin, Acampo, California   

     John Brown married Nancy Smith. How about that? Try finding Brown and Smith! There were many Brown families that settled in Washington County, TN. My John Brown was noted in legal papers as “Red Headed” John Brown.

     In 1860, John Brown was living in the Knob Creek district and his post office was Jonesboro, Tennessee.

     John Brown, born 1783 in Pennsylvania, died 26 Dec. 1865 in Washington County, son of James Brown and Polly Bacon, married 1808 to Nancy Smith, born 1785 and died 29 Jan. 1855 in Washington County, TN.

     Their children: Zachariah Brown, born 17 Feb. 1809, married 24 Jan. 1834 to Mary Haws, died 12 June, 1888.

     Sarah Brown, born 30 Apr. 1810, married 1 May 1833 to Andrew Walker.

     Mary Brown, born 7 Nov. 1812, married 18 Dec. 1834 to William Walker.

     John S. Brown, born 16 Apr. 1816, married 11 Dec. 1844 to Eliza Ellis.

     Matilda Brown, born 16 Oct. 1817, married 30 Nov. 1837 to Henry Martin, died 10 Mar. 1883.

     Asenoth Brown, born June 1820, married 20 Mar. 1836 to Shadrock Chase.

     Margaret Brown, born 1823, married 20 Mar. 1836 to Shadrock Chase.

     Rachel Brown born 1824, married 18 Aug. 1844 to Isaac Garber, died 18 Jan. 1896

     Martha Ann Brown, born 10 Jan. 1827, married 1 Feb. 1849 to James Chinouth.

     Abigail Brown married Isaac Garber, son of Solomon Garber and Barbara Long was born 5 Aug. 1818 in VA, died 8 May 1890. In 1865 Isaac and Rachel bought land in the Cherokee District and operated a mill in the town of Garber’s Mill.

     Rachel Brown married Isaac Garber, son of Solomon Garber and Barbara Long, was born 5 Aug. 1818 in VA, died 8 May 1890. In 1865 Isaac and Rachel bought land in the Cherokee District and operated a mill in the town of Garber’s Mill.

     Their children were: Landon C. Garber, born 27 Sept. 1845, married 5 Aug. 1869 to Lucritia W. Hoss, died 22 Mar. 1930. He wrote a weekly report for the Herald and Tribune of Jonesboro under the name of “Phelin” for years.

     William A. Garber, born 17 Dec. 1846, married 2 Mar. 1871 to Sarah E. Hoss, died 5 Mar. 1915.

     Nancy Jane Garber, born 25 Sept. 1848, married Henry Hoss, died 21 Oct. 1910.

     Henry J. Garber, born 1849, died 1960.

     John W. Garber, born 16 Apr. 1850, married 16 Aug. 1871 to Mary Catherine May, died 21 May 1880 (my line).

     James M. Garber, born 26 Sept. 1852, married 3 Nov. 1875 to Francis Crosswhite, died 25 Aug. 1898.

     Isaac Westly Garber, born 3 Apr., 1857, died 4 Sept. 1877. He was noted as a youngest teacher in Jonesboro.

     Cornelius A. Garber, born 23 July 1859, died 2 Nov. 1882.

     Sarah Elizabeth Garber, born 1862 (does anyone know anything about Sarah?).

     David Wrightman Garber, born 3 Jan 1864, married 27 Sept. 1887 to Lena Yoder, died 26 May 1949.

     Solomon Garber, born and died 11 Aug. 1866.

     Mary Garber, born 13 Oct. 1867, died 24 Oct. 1867.

     Above John W. Garber married Mary Catherine May, daughter of Cassimore E. May and Catherine Bayless.

     Their children: Walter Alexander Garber, born 29 Apr., 1872, married 1906 to Mary Elizabeth Zuck, died 3 Nov. 1951 (my line).

     Effie Reberta Garber, born 26 Feb. 1874, married 1901 to George Scrimsher, died 7 July 1942.

     Paul Rufus Garber, born 10 June 1877, died 21 Apr., 1920 and

     Mae Garber, born 6 Sept. 1880, married Bert Robertson, died 25 Oct. 1963.

     Above Walter Alexander Garber married Mary Elizabeth Zuck, daughter Fredrick Zuck and Fredericka Schomerus.

     Their children: Velma Ellen Garber, born 15 May 1912, married 8 July 1937 to Lloyd Crowell, died 20 June 1981 (my line).

     John Walter V. Garber, born 20 Mar. 1914, married 2 Dec. 1942 to Vivian Kitter, died 10 Jan. 1971, and

     Walter May Garber, born 16 Apr. 1916, married 19 Aug. 1942 to Kathryn Bement, died 12 Nov. 1974.

     Above Velma Garber married Lloyd Crowell, son of Charles Crowell and Susan Elizabeth Ploff.

     Their child: Barbara Jean Crowell, born 1937 in California, married 15 Aug. 1954 to Donald James Filbin, son of Joseph Filbin and Ruby Graham.

     Their children: Kathleen Mary  Filbin, born 2 July 1955; Karen Sue Filbin, born 28 Feb. 1957; and Donna Jean Filbin, born 31 May 1960. All are married and we have five grandchildren.

     Anyone that can share any information about any of the families mentioned above, please contact me.

     Barbara Filbin, 3877 Calimyrna Rd., Acampo, California 95220. 1-202-369-0648.

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