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Surname Project

Project Leader: Gilbert Rosenberger, Jr.

Project Description: The Indexing- Surname Project is designed to create a searchable database or index of all surnames and names listed in the books and vertical files of the Washington County-Jonesborough Library Historical/ Genealogical Section.

l to r: Gilbert Rosenberger, Jr., Michael Dean Pressley, and Gene Hurdt

l to r: Gilbert Rosenberger, Jr., Michael Dean Pressley, and Gene Hurdt


Michael Dean Pressley, 2014 Graduate of East Tennessee State University, created the Jonesborough Genealogical Society Surname Database that will be used in the Genealogy- History Center at the Washington County- Jonesborough Library. This database is the basis of the project. It will create an index of all books in this section and names can be searched easily. Eventually, the Vertical Files are likely to be added. Pressley presented his program to the JGS on May 5, 2014, and already has some books added!

  1. Dianne Febuary Eacho permalink

    I am searching for information about my 3x great grandfather who lived in Jonesborough and died there in 1873 his name was Alexander Dominique Febuary, he lived in what is now Febuary Hill Bed & Breakfast. Any information in regards to where he is buried or surviving family members or any information at all is appreciated. I plan to visit Jonesborough again this July 2016 as we have family living in Elizabethton, thank you Dianne Febuary Eacho.

    • chadfredb permalink

      Many of the Febuary’s from Febuary Hill is buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery. He is not among those buried there according to records and my survey of the cemetery. He may be in Old Jonesborough (Rocky Hill).

  2. Kim Ehly permalink

    I am looking for the burial place (or any other information you have) concerning my grandfather X3. I know that he was a cabinetmaker and have seen some of his work there in Jonesborough as well as in the State Museum. I have read many stories but can’t seem to find when, where he died and where he is buried. His name is Jeremiah Boyd. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Kim

  3. Teresa West, Raleigh, NC permalink

    My great grandfather was Jacob H. Irick who I believe was born in Virginia and later moved to Tennessee where he married Sarah “Sally” Jones. According to census information, Jacob was a wagonmaker in Jonesborough where he and Sally lived for most of their marriage. Their names appeared together on the 1850 – 1870 censuses. However, in the 1880 census, Sally’s name appeared alone. Sally remained in Jonesborough and eventually married Daniel Huffine. I have been unable to determine when and where Jacob died and was buried. I have conducted lengthy internet research through Ancestry and other online services and have been unable to locate any information about Jacob after 1870. Any suggestions or assistance will be appreciated.

  4. Luci Murray permalink

    I am researching a James Bean who was born in Jonesborough, Tn. about 1798. He apparently moved to Currituck County, NC by 1830 because he is on the Currituck County, NC census in 1830, 1840 and 1850. He married Brittania Gallop from Currituck County and they had several children. They moved to Chillicothe, Missouri around 1851 and they are on the 1860 Chillicothe, Mo census. Their son, Robert Kelly Bean, died in Missouri and his death certificate verifies that James Bean was born in Jonesborough, Tn. This James Bean had three grandsons and one great grandson named Russell. Their daughter, Golden Bean, was my great, great grandmother. I know the story of Russell Bean who was born in Washington County, Tn. but I can’t find any supporting documents or information that he is the father of my James Bean. There is a family tree on another James Bean who was born in Hawkins County, Tn. about 1799, married Minerva Paine and died in Hamilton County, Tn. in 1845. Many family trees in have inaccurate and duplicate information. Some show the two James Beans father is Russell, some show William, some don’t have a father linked and many of them have combined the families. I don’t trust family trees in I found your website and Facebook page and I’m hoping you all may be able to help me. I live in Jonesboro, Arkansas and would love to visit your area sometime. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for any help you may have.

  5. Gary Wade, Hudson, FL permalink

    Looking for information on my 3X grandfather, John Allen Wade. He was born about 1810 in Halifax County, VA. He moved to the Jonesborough, TN area about 1830. Family history indicates he was a haberdasher in Jonesborough during the 1830s. I was in the Jonesborough are a few months ago and was able to find a Deed of Trust registered by him at the Washington County Courthouse dated 26 December 1837. Would appreciate any information anyone might have on him. Thanks you…GLW

  6. Alicia Langham Green permalink

    I am looking for information on my 2X Great Grandfather James Frank Keezel. He was adopted by William Calvin Keezel sometime after 1880. I have hit a road block trying to locate his biological parents. His death certificate list parents as William Calvin Keezel, and Millie Hopper of Tennessee. 1880 census shows James as being Ward to WC Keezel. Unable to locate anything on Millie or Mollie. Any help would be appreciated.

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