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The Jonesborough Record

The Jonesborough Record is the Jonesborough Genealogical Society’s newsletter first published in August of 1990. This newsletter was discontinued in 1995, but was reissued starting in 2015. The first editor was Lorraine Bennett Rae. Today’s interim editor is Chad Fred Bailey. If you have an article you would like included in the next Record, please email it to  This page is continually updated!


Vol. 1 no. 3 pgs. 1-18*

Vol. 1 no.4 pgs. 1-22*

Vol. 2 no. 1 pgs. 1-16*

*Special thanks to the Heritage Alliance of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia for allowing us to scan these issues.


Vol. 5 no. 1 & 2 pgs. 1-19, 21-3940-48 *

Vol. 5 no. 3 & 4 pgs. 49-67, 68-8788-96 *

*Special thanks to Wisconsin Historical Society’s Archives for digitizing this volume.


Vol. 6 no. 1 pgs. 1-6


Vol. 7 no. 1 pgs. 1-6


Vol. 8 no. 1 pgs. 1-6

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